Mediation Services

Paul Blucher has been a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Court Mediator since 2000. On March 5, 2010, Mr. Blucher became one of fewer than 400 Florida lawyers who are certified in Residential Mortgage Foreclosures by the Florida Supreme Court. This latest certification is mandatory training for mediators who are mediating residential foreclosure matters in Florida.

ADR, alternative dispute resolution, is and has been a very successful means of resolving legal conflicts for well over 25 years here in Florida. Alternative dispute resolution is primarily mediation and arbitration. It is an alternative to having a decision rendered by a judge or jury in court. It has proven to be an extremely beneficial means of permitting the parties to resolve their conflicts themselves and on their own terms. The vast majority of time, mediation is very successful and reaches a satisfactory result for the parties. It can allow the parties to resolve conflict where the law may not provide a satisfactory remedy. Sometimes, the law or court can only allow a monetary benefit to the victorious party and at times a monetary benefit may not fully satisfy the situation. Further, in Court, a judge or jury will decide the outcome, whereas in mediation the parties decide. What better way to resolve conflict than by the people actually involved. Mediation allows the parties, with assistance, to direct a resolution of all of the issues and settle the conflict. ADR can be a more satisfying, faster, and far less expensive resolution than continued litigation and trial.

There are a number of different types of alternative dispute resolutions that are available. As mentioned above, most forms of ADR are mediation or arbitration of legal conflicts. These legal conflicts may take place in various legal forums such as County Courts, Family Courts, Dependency Courts, and Circuit Courts. There is also arbitration which can be mandatory, meaning that the Arbiter decides the resolution, not the parties, unlike a mediation which is a "self directed" resolution by the parties.

Mr. Blucher, in addition to mediating many varied real estate matters, has been an eminent domain attorney for 20 years handling cases throughout Florida. He is ready and available to mediate your next eminent domain or other real estate matter. Our offices have the room and means necessary to handle your next mediation. Please contact our firm to check on our rates and dates of availability.